About Us

Welcome to Torrance Physical Therapy

Torrance Physical Therapy was established in 2003 by Ron Satow, PT, OCS, Owner/Director, with the goal of getting patients back to doing the things they love as quickly as possible. We offer state-of-the-art therapeutic treatment methods with total body wellness as the basis for successful rehabilitation. Each patient receives a thorough evaluation to assess the proper course of care and receives a custom rehab program designed to maximize their potential.

We specialize in:

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation for Orthopedic, Spinal, & Sports Injuries
  • Individualized Strength, Flexibility, and Conditioning Programs
  • Spinal and Extremity Assessment
  • Treatment and Prevention of Injuries at Home, Work, or During Recreation
  • Latest Manual Therapy Techniques for Soft Tissue and Joint Dysfunction
  • Industrial Rehabilitation with Ergonomic and Body Mechanics Training